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Florida Keys

Community College

National AV Installations designed and Integrated classrooms of the future at FKCC for their new Marine Technology Building with iPads controlling and displaying on 90" LED Displays for their classrooms, lecture capture rooms, and marine tech labs.  Each system utilizes an Apple iPad Air to control and display content on a Sharp 90" LED display.  There is also an Apple TV and a network controller attached to each display as well as a Panasonic IR Audio system to project instructors voice throughout the room.  Each room can be divided for small class sessions or opened to form a large lecture area with multiple displays.  The Lecture capture room has a robotic camera that follows the instructor around the room and is split screen to capture both camera video as well as what is being display on screen.  Audio is captured by ceiling mics as well as a instructor clip on mic.   Each lecture can be streamed to any other classroom on campus, or any other campus as well as archived for students to retrieve at a later time through the FKCC website.  The Marine Mechanics Labs offer the ability to capture video demonstrations of work being performed on engines etc.  The builing also has a conference room with a touch screen 70" display so this display can be used as a traditional display as well as a interactive whiteboard.


Please see picture gallery of FKCC rooms, labs and lecture capture.

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